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Leadership Development Competency Framework

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What will you learn?

Diverse Leadership Competencies: Uncover over thirty areas that are critical to successful leadership.

Growth Roadmaps: Chart a course for development of each competency, starting with your managers and continuing all the way to the C-Suite.

Cultivate the Leaders of Tomorrow, Today: Equip your organization with the tools to develop visionary, strategic, and successful leaders.

Why Leadership Development?


The world is evolving rapidly, and so should your leadership. Thriving in this dynamic landscape demands more than just expertise in your field. It calls for a diverse and robust set of leadership competencies, the kind that can steer organizations towards sustainable growth, innovation, and success. That's where leadership development comes in.

Leadership development is the linchpin that connects individual performance to organizational success, fostering a culture of continuous learning, adaptability, and high performance. In our meticulously curated Leadership Development Competency Framework, we have identified 34 key components that support leadership development at all seniority levels. From enhancing strategic thinking to promoting people management, these components are designed to mold leaders who are not just good at what they do, but are great at inspiring others to be their best.

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As a manager, you're on the front lines, driving your team towards the accomplishment of organizational goals. Our Leadership Development Competency Framework equips managers with the necessary skills to handle team dynamics, manage conflicts, and facilitate collaboration

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Directors hold a pivotal role in shaping strategic direction and influencing the broader organizational landscape. Our frameworks provide directors with the tools to navigate complex decisions, anticipate future trends, and drive operational excellence.

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As a VP, you bridge the gap between strategic vision and operational execution. With our Leadership Development Competency Framework, VPs can enhance their capabilities in areas like change management, strategy formulation, and leadership communication.

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C-Suite leaders are the guiding force behind an organization's success. Our frameworks provide C-Suite leaders with a roadmap to refine their leadership prowess, focusing on competencies like visionary thinking, stakeholder relations, and enterprise risk management.

We’ve identified over thirty components to our Leadership Development Competency Framework that increase the capacity of a company's management structure to set and achieve challenging goals, take fast and decisive action, inspire their team to perform at their highest level, and outperform the competition.

Competencies include:

  • Accountability: Willingness to take responsibility for one's actions and their consequences.
  • Communication: Leaders must be able to effectively communicate with a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Emotional Intelligence: This includes self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills, empathy, and motivation.
  • Motivation: Leaders should understand what motivates their team members and use this knowledge to drive performance.
  • Business Acumen: Understanding the broader business context, including the market, customer needs, and competitive landscape, is key.
  • Change Management: Leaders should be able to manage change effectively, helping team members navigate transitions smoothly.
Developing these skills internally can mean the difference between success and stagnation. Each of these competencies forms an integral part of a leadership matrix that collectively empowers your organization to respond with agility, engage your workforce, and drive tangible results.

A competency framework is a structured guide designed to define and elaborate the specific skills, knowledge, behaviors, and attributes needed to excel in a role or a set of roles within an organization. It provides a clear outline of the competencies required for optimal performance at different levels of an organization, across various departments and job functions. 

A well-constructed competency framework not only provides a road map for required skills and behaviors, but it also serves as a tool for:

  • Performance measurement: It offers clear criteria for evaluating individual and team performance.
  • Learning and Development: It identifies areas of strength and areas where development is needed, thereby informing training and development initiatives.
  • Career progression: It enables employees to understand what is needed to grow within their current roles or advance to new roles.
  • Recruitment: It helps to define role requirements and identify the skills and behaviors needed from prospective employees.
In essence, a competency framework is a cornerstone for Human Resource functions, playing an integral role in recruitment, training, and performance management. By downloading our Leadership Development Competency Framework, you are equipping your organization with a powerful tool for nurturing talent, driving performance, and achieving organizational success.

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